Wednesday, January 20, 2010


im breaking up the two. introducing my new blog (slash moved blog) adventures of el molly. i'm taking all things personal about adventures and dentures and bringing it here.

let me now introduce, adventures and dentures! adventures and dentures is:

' young, demiurgic concept. enjoys design, promotion, event management, publishing, writing and sounds. seeks adventures, discoveries and adoration.'

a&d will service as my freelance promotions, publishing, management, writing, design and general creative outlet page. the page that will represent the concept. inspired by my experience in norway and my continual struggle with enjoying perth, a&d will catalogue my endeavours, inspirations and possibilities.

i will continue to record, all things useless and meaningless about my life here at aoem...

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  1. love your style lady. keep on truckin'. big love. x