Sunday, January 31, 2010


sunday is hyde park day, and in keeping with that i visited it twice. once at 17.00 for a cheese picnic, and once again at 23.00 for a walk and talk.

the most amazing part of this story is, when arriving to the cheese picnic, t-miz and i were greeted by 'jungle cat' who happily came up to us and allowed us snuggle time. jungle cat joined us at our picnic and shared some cheese before he took his beautiful green eyes off to leap through small hedges...

in my later walk and talk, 'little trevor trouble' appeared and befriended us, licking my shirt and snuggling in...

im not sure where either of these cats came from, why they were happy to snuggle, or where they went, but i do hope i meet them again soon.  


on friday night i played murder in the dark at my friends house. i have been dreaming about it ever since... it also made me think of the hatcham social release from last year...

... i learnt that piles of washing and rooftops serve as good hiding spots...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


im breaking up the two. introducing my new blog (slash moved blog) adventures of el molly. i'm taking all things personal about adventures and dentures and bringing it here.

let me now introduce, adventures and dentures! adventures and dentures is:

' young, demiurgic concept. enjoys design, promotion, event management, publishing, writing and sounds. seeks adventures, discoveries and adoration.'

a&d will service as my freelance promotions, publishing, management, writing, design and general creative outlet page. the page that will represent the concept. inspired by my experience in norway and my continual struggle with enjoying perth, a&d will catalogue my endeavours, inspirations and possibilities.

i will continue to record, all things useless and meaningless about my life here at aoem...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


a broken heart calls for a fresh start... and, a whole bunch of wish lists and projects and distractions. so, to make myself feel better after my recent heart ache (my love, and my love are no longer aligned), i have started writing lists. all kinds of lists. shopping lists. goal lists. wish lists. project lists. to-do lists and basically any kind of list that keeps my mind distracted and feeling inspired.
here are a few lists id like to share:
project list
become a freelance event promoter
return to writing
join my 3 closest friends together to bring Oslo, Toronto, London and Perth together in some kind of subtle art project.
generate a stronger brand for adventures and dentures
start drawing birds

goals list
be debt free
travel to toronto, oslo, berlin, prague and paris
see more exhibitions
night walks
spend less money on rubbish food and more on pretty items
wish list