Monday, June 15, 2009


so, 'our fold' have just been announced for hove festival and for those who don't know them, would probably recognise the lead guitarist, aziz ibrahim, from simply red and the stone roses fame. aziz joined the roses for like half a year after squire left.

the stone roses are my all time favourite band, and after hearing that our fold were joining it made me remember the wonderful brown and squire interview from 1989. the journalist is awful and the arrogance of ian and john is pure bliss.

i know i am a brit pop sucker. give me arrogant english rock pop any day.


my weekend was confusing.
the following bad things happened:
i lost my camera
i lost my keys
i fell off a bike
some boys stole the bike
i got the bike back after having to spend time with dickheads
got covered in glitter

but i can feel better because the following good things happened:
eddie bought me flowers
we felted and stuffed
hove party was fun
went to a very fun exhibition
wore masks
enjoyed yummy revolver food x 2
slid/jumped/rolled down a giant jumping castle/monsters tongue lots
made new friends
played a french game
was given a much too kind gift
drank much free alcohol

still really wish i had my camera though.


hove festival is sneaking up on us so quickly, and last weekend we celebrated by saying goodbye to oslo, in prep for going down! the party was much fun and now i am extra excited for hove!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


eugh. i am sick again. i dont know what is wrong with my stomach, but lately it has been super sensative. maybe i insulted it one day and i didn't realise so now it is holding a grudge.. i don't know. but i do know, that when i get sick, i feel weird. i start thinking how nice it is outside, and how i don't feel like enjoying it, and how i am broke - so i can't enjoy it anyway. oh yeh and i am sick and can't stop shaking.

three strikes and i am out.

1 by (colitide)
2 and 3 by sergeyloie
4 by eyebrizzle

Monday, June 8, 2009


every monday i like to try and think of a little task i can do for the week. not for accomplishment purposes, but to share a little secret with myself. sometimes its health related - 'only drink 1 cup coffee per day' or sometimes it is music related 'listen to only music from france for the whole week'.

this monday i have chosen to appreciate the details. the small cracks in the wall, the tiny flowers trying to reach the sun, the buckles on shoes... etc.

photos: 1, 3 and 5 by ye rin mok. 2 and 4 by slumberingheart

Thursday, June 4, 2009


i do not listen to heavy metal, but lately i have been surrounded by it. (not the sound, just the descriptions of it..) so in the lead up to hove, and seeing as i live in norway now, i have decided to do some heavy metal research.

luckily for me, this was the best thing i found. (credits found at the end)

The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Leslie Supnet on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


wow. what i would do to see this movie again... and to think that little boy billy, who i was so in love with, would grow up to be neil patrick harris - the hilarious actor i am in love with now. i only recently put two and two together.

i guess i am one-eyed when it comes to love

also. trivia. thora birch was in this film too
(apparently... i cant remember... i really need to watch again!)
i also love thora.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i dont have rock band, but i am, like most people, a huge beatles fan. i am also a secret enjoyer of advertising (a result of studying the subject for way too long) so i cant help but get excited about this new ad for the new beatles edition of rockband. check it out. i predict this will be award winning...

Monday, June 1, 2009


is where i want to be. (and where i possibly am..)

these pictures are a mix from lookbook slash the internet and if you can imagine morphing these all together into one person, that is who i want to be.

hmm. one day.