Wednesday, December 30, 2009


ok. so here i find myself on the verge of 2010. whilst i don't feel the need to grasp the last decade, completely analyse it and then store it in a shoebox, i do have a slight sense of retrospect. i'm not going to get into the whole 'top 10 lists of the last decade' (there are already way too many, and i'll just confuse myself), nor am i going to comment on how my years differed.
what i am willing to do is post a picture from 2000. the friends and the uniform has changed. i've got myself a fringe, a degree, a job, a car, moved out, travelled, lived in Norway and partied my way through the last 10 years. I don't think a 2000 version of me would be disappointed.

i'm not glad, nor sad, to see 2009 go. it has done me well. but there is nothing i can do, time keeps ticking, now i just have to remember to write '10' at the end of the date. I do enjoy the reminder that time won't stop for no man.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


flowers, hay street mall, perth.

a stolen fairytale, bayswater.

laneway, perth

cities are delivered by cranes and angels, perth.

dirty window, clean view. Law Chambers, Perth

piccadilly cinema, perth


so here i find myself. back in perth. whilst it may not be the worst place to be, it also may not be the best place for me to be. moments like these you need pros and cons lists.

i miss my norwegian friends
i must deal with reality (aka debt)
i miss the snow
i feel stuck (aka debt)
i miss my norwegian friends
i miss my norwegian friends
i miss my norwegian friends

i get to see my perth friends whenever i like
the beach
i am moving into my own room
consistant pay

i think it is pretty even. i just have to focus on all the good things.

like north cottesloe beach for example:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


more inspiration. what keeps me going through the darkness and rain.

Eike Koenig from Hort from Leonardo Mercado on Vimeo.


i just can't get enough of this video right now (or the song for that matter). ed has been inspired by allison shulnik (the maker), and i have become obsessed with learning more about her. which lead me to an interesting interview Ryan Christian posted on a few months ago. 

inspired by the likes of Harryhausen and Bruce Bickford, her art, to me, borders on being really ugly, but somehow the colours and movement of every piece make it beautiful, the sadness and rejection is pictured through calm and charming creations. 
I dunno you check it out for yourself.

also, if you get a chance, watch another video she has made, Hobo Clown

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


create animated gif

photos courtesy of maren sundt-hansen
model andreas grødtlien

for those who do not know, i have been keeping myself very busy with the up and coming starving artist kokebok. based on the love is my velocity cookbook, myself, edward and my canadian housemate, tim are doing the oslo version. 

we have 35 oslo based independent bands who have submitted their favourite recipe, 36 oslo based artists (mix of illustration, graphic, paint, photography and film) who have submitted artwork based on the bands, 8 oslo based music journalists who are writing about the bands and 6 oslo based industry-related businesses who are helping out and submitting recipes also, involved. that is a lot of people. a lot of talented, friendly and exciting people.

we are now in the final stages of putting the book together. plus there will be an accompanying sampler cd, with 20 tracks - kindly donated by 20 of the featured bands.

so far we have media coverage to be printed in natt og dag and D2, plus many music blogs are following suit and getting involved.

oslo is amazing, everyone acts like part of the family. we could never of done this if oslo hadn't let us be part of the family too. support has been incredible. it is a project that will hopefully bring everyone together and show not only oslo, but the whole of norway, and the world where the oslo music and art scene is at right now. 

anyway if you would like to help us promote the book - write about it on your blog, or wherever - hit me up! the more people are involved, the better this world will be.. right?

Monday, October 19, 2009


best friends aww...

top picture: øyvind engebretsen
middle picture: kamilla langeland
fourth picture: edward raison
last picture: charlotte nordeng

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


my dear friend maren is a not only delightful company but also a lovely photographer. she gave us cava and glowsticks. the rest is history.

to see the full story visit

photographer Maren Sundt-Hansen (Veravuru)


please refer to my post in march, titled 'QUOTE'

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i had another one of those weekends, filled with cava, friends, dancing, laughing and love

i watched other people hurt the ones they love.
i saw new love spring.
i saw old love die.
i fell in love three times.
i sensed forbidden love
i gave away too much love that i shouldn't have.
i am in love.
i miss my love.

the weekend was great. so much fun. but i cant help feel like i need to cry... maybe too much love is a bad thing. i guess the cliche is true. love actually does hurts. don't mix your drinks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so i left the blogging behind for a while. partly because i thought i had little to say, and partly because i miss my camera.
whilst i still do not have a camera, i am back. seeing as i can't really document where i am at, i thought i would document where my dearests are at. these are some of their pictures from some of the places they are at.
i miss them so it is a good thing i have the internet to stalk them on.

lives in london and takes pretty pictures of the places she goes. she too is very pretty.

katherine mcfarlane
katherine lives in toronto. it is hard to find pictures of her but she is actually the coolest person i know. (she be the one in the middle)

claire biddiss
claire lives in perth. she has the most fun out of everyone i know. 
(she is the one in the middle also)

claire white
claire white runs thailand. she also travels around alot. i think these pictures are from laos. i can't keep track, but i do know she experiences life and doesn't just let it pass her by. and not in a cliche way.

angela flood
angela lives in perth too but she is moving to melbourne soon. angela has so much beauty and talent, i hope everyone gets to hear her voice. she also makes the best conversational sound effects.

thomas rowe vs america
thomas took these in portland. thomas takes very nice pictures and meets interesting people. i think its because they trust him.

sean allen and ben mcneil
sean and ben are traveling. i think they get drunk in as many european cities as they can. they didn't come to oslo but i don't completely hate them, even though i want to.

these are my friends and i love them. moments like this make me wish teleporting was actually possible. i wish i could have all my friends in the one place at the one time. (just for one night). but i also do like the idea that they are all over the world.

Friday, July 17, 2009


i love bubbles and i love these pictures

all images by sheislikeheroin

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i am seeing the new harry potter film tomorrow morning. the first possible chance i can get. unfortunately ed and my plan to sneak into the oslo premier and befriend fred and george failed, as a result of the premier being held in a fortress. literally. clearly those places weren't built to sneak into.

there are many reasons i wish i was hermione. one of which is illustrated below.
ps. teen vogue is underrated.