Sunday, January 31, 2010


sunday is hyde park day, and in keeping with that i visited it twice. once at 17.00 for a cheese picnic, and once again at 23.00 for a walk and talk.

the most amazing part of this story is, when arriving to the cheese picnic, t-miz and i were greeted by 'jungle cat' who happily came up to us and allowed us snuggle time. jungle cat joined us at our picnic and shared some cheese before he took his beautiful green eyes off to leap through small hedges...

in my later walk and talk, 'little trevor trouble' appeared and befriended us, licking my shirt and snuggling in...

im not sure where either of these cats came from, why they were happy to snuggle, or where they went, but i do hope i meet them again soon.  

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