Sunday, May 31, 2009


oslo has had sunshine 2 days in a row. i didnt appreciate the sunshine yesterday so today i am by sitting in the sun on our balcony and listening to old streets.

dont mug yourself


is this the gec coming into action?

22 year-old couture label christian lacroix has gone to the wall, filing for bankruptcy in paris with losses of 10 million euros and a shrunken revenue of 30 million euros.

in a letter to his 125 staff, lacroix wrote that he will give "200 percent" to keep the 22-year-old couture house in one piece, to "preserve the know-how, without which the lungs and the heart of the house couldn't exist."

investors will determine whether we will see further collections on the catwalk...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


day four was easily the best day in london. ed and i went to an old timey fair (highlight), we met up with cameron jones, hung out in the fields (again) and then had a tasty dinner out with all of our favourite londoners.

we left london the next morning (as did the sunshine).


day three.

after a rough start to the day, annie and i managed to get away to one of the most splendid of parks, st georges park (an old cemetery) and share our favourite meal, antipasto. dappled lighting, olives, blue cheese, grapes, friendship and people watching. could one ask for anything more?

my favourite quote of the day:
"ill give you fucking gingivitis in the face in-a-minit if you're not careful" (mother to son)

the evening, whilst adventurous, was short lived. i wish i had a camera with me for the view from chris' 9th floor apartment roof. and the roof above that.


london continued.

day two was spent on route to regents park, at regents park and back again.

the night was awful (despite starting well). unfortunately an evening that should have been spent enjoying the company was ruined by heartache. but hey, aren't all good things eventually ruined by heartache these days.

back to the day.
in the morning we headed to broadway market where i finally saw my miss johnston (at work) and was suitably ecstatic to do so. then a balanced party of eight (one lady to every gent) went boating in regents park, a most enjoyable of events, eventually stumbling upon our wonderfully tipsy housemates. we followed this up with a drink and delicious nachos at a pub. the rest need not to be detailed.

please see the following images for further evidence of the enjoyment:


im not sure what it is about brainstorming, but i never seem to answer the problem i start out wanting to solve, instead solving a problem i didnt even realise i had. i started brainstorming ideas for work today (party plans and media releases) and through my brainstorming i resolved myself to complete the following activities:

1. start a new project whereby i leave notepads/post-it notes " blank canvas' " around oslo in certain places and request patrons to write/draw what they like and pass it on, eventually returning it to me. (still need to brainstorm on finer details... but that is the idea so far...)
2. learn more norwegian (a constant struggle, always in the back of my mind, and comes out whenever i make resolutions)
3. get involved in more organising of events. bring a little of london to oslo maybe - markets or something... hmm that also requires more brainstorming.
4. plan a swing to swing event (this is mainly for self benefit and the invite list will most likely only consist of myself)

who knows, perhaps whilst i am further brainstorming for number 1 and 3 i may solve my work tasks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


so i went to london. i had never been and i didnt think i would get there before a long list of other cities, but i did. and after initial overwhelming and fear of the use of the english language, i did indeed enjoy it. (will detail my particular enjoyments soon)

when i have sorted out the copious amounts of out-of-focus, uninteresting tourist shots i have, i will put some up.

but for now, here are some day 1 highlights:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


some excellent music i've been listening to in the lead up to hove festival

little boots - rich boys (the virgins cover)

golden silvers - arrows of eros (the shoes remix)

fujiya & miyagi - sore thumb

i particularly like the first one and both little boots and the virgins will be at hove. two boots, one virgin (if you get what i mean).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


after a series of hilarious events, i have ended up watching this. my aim is to get through it without laughing. so far i have failed on all accounts.

Monday, May 18, 2009


norway is pretty much ruling at the moment. alexander won eurovision and the national day is really very beautiful (in comparison with home!).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


i've had a pretty good run with luck lately. in two days i found work, received tim-tams, vegemite and peppermint tea and was injected with k.rudds stimulating package. life in oslo is starting to fall into place. maybe one day i will be wealthy, professionally stimulated and linguistically talented enough to stay here. until then, i endeavour to make ed and i enjoy our time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


a pretty walk home was well deserved and even more so enjoyed