Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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photos courtesy of maren sundt-hansen
model andreas grødtlien

for those who do not know, i have been keeping myself very busy with the up and coming starving artist kokebok. based on the love is my velocity cookbook, myself, edward and my canadian housemate, tim are doing the oslo version. 

we have 35 oslo based independent bands who have submitted their favourite recipe, 36 oslo based artists (mix of illustration, graphic, paint, photography and film) who have submitted artwork based on the bands, 8 oslo based music journalists who are writing about the bands and 6 oslo based industry-related businesses who are helping out and submitting recipes also, involved. that is a lot of people. a lot of talented, friendly and exciting people.

we are now in the final stages of putting the book together. plus there will be an accompanying sampler cd, with 20 tracks - kindly donated by 20 of the featured bands.

so far we have media coverage to be printed in natt og dag and D2, plus many music blogs are following suit and getting involved.

oslo is amazing, everyone acts like part of the family. we could never of done this if oslo hadn't let us be part of the family too. support has been incredible. it is a project that will hopefully bring everyone together and show not only oslo, but the whole of norway, and the world where the oslo music and art scene is at right now. 

anyway if you would like to help us promote the book - write about it on your blog, or wherever - hit me up! the more people are involved, the better this world will be.. right?

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