Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so i left the blogging behind for a while. partly because i thought i had little to say, and partly because i miss my camera.
whilst i still do not have a camera, i am back. seeing as i can't really document where i am at, i thought i would document where my dearests are at. these are some of their pictures from some of the places they are at.
i miss them so it is a good thing i have the internet to stalk them on.

lives in london and takes pretty pictures of the places she goes. she too is very pretty.

katherine mcfarlane
katherine lives in toronto. it is hard to find pictures of her but she is actually the coolest person i know. (she be the one in the middle)

claire biddiss
claire lives in perth. she has the most fun out of everyone i know. 
(she is the one in the middle also)

claire white
claire white runs thailand. she also travels around alot. i think these pictures are from laos. i can't keep track, but i do know she experiences life and doesn't just let it pass her by. and not in a cliche way.

angela flood
angela lives in perth too but she is moving to melbourne soon. angela has so much beauty and talent, i hope everyone gets to hear her voice. she also makes the best conversational sound effects.

thomas rowe vs america
thomas took these in portland. thomas takes very nice pictures and meets interesting people. i think its because they trust him.

sean allen and ben mcneil
sean and ben are traveling. i think they get drunk in as many european cities as they can. they didn't come to oslo but i don't completely hate them, even though i want to.

these are my friends and i love them. moments like this make me wish teleporting was actually possible. i wish i could have all my friends in the one place at the one time. (just for one night). but i also do like the idea that they are all over the world.


  1. that was taken just before i spewed in the cavern club in liverpool. i think you should come back to perth smelli!

  2. i just found this post after google image searching my own name (how vain of me, ha) how lovely el! wow, i wish teleporting was actually possible, it would make life much less complicated. i miss you a whole tonne, and you know what, i think claire has the most fun out of anyone i know too! xo