Thursday, July 16, 2009


i wish i had a garden. i was never a gardener, but ever since i can remember gardens have been entwined in everything i enjoy. the secret garden is my favourite movie of all time, and my favourite materialistic reward is a magic garden. parks offer much appreciated space and nature, however a garden's intimacy can never be beaten. in perth i had my own secret garden. a place i only ever went alone. my own garden that i found. beauty alone. everyone needs a secret garden.

i am yet to find a garden in oslo. a person must find their own secret garden, never be shown, as then it remains their own. i will continue to keep searching for my garden.
My secret garden cast your spell in mist.
Mark down your truths on an unending list.

top image from 'the secret garden' 1993
words by dove
lower images by littlesilverboxes

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