Thursday, May 28, 2009


im not sure what it is about brainstorming, but i never seem to answer the problem i start out wanting to solve, instead solving a problem i didnt even realise i had. i started brainstorming ideas for work today (party plans and media releases) and through my brainstorming i resolved myself to complete the following activities:

1. start a new project whereby i leave notepads/post-it notes " blank canvas' " around oslo in certain places and request patrons to write/draw what they like and pass it on, eventually returning it to me. (still need to brainstorm on finer details... but that is the idea so far...)
2. learn more norwegian (a constant struggle, always in the back of my mind, and comes out whenever i make resolutions)
3. get involved in more organising of events. bring a little of london to oslo maybe - markets or something... hmm that also requires more brainstorming.
4. plan a swing to swing event (this is mainly for self benefit and the invite list will most likely only consist of myself)

who knows, perhaps whilst i am further brainstorming for number 1 and 3 i may solve my work tasks.

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